1 Set your local environemnt

This can include any solution like: Docker, Vagrant, VM, WAMPP or XAMPP. Here is a sample video to configure and run XAMPP on your local machine.

2 Install Laminas MVC Skeleton

Download Laminas MVC Skeleton from: https://github.com/laminas/laminas-mvc-skeleton by running the following command via Composer in SHELL window:
composer create-project -sdev laminas/laminas-mvc-skeleton [folderName] A tutorial for setting Laminas MVC is presented below:

3 Download commands

Use commands locally in your SHELL command prompt. Use CLI commands attached on "On-line tools" subpage and start to generate your files. This options allows you to have auto-populated files in the correct locations and no other setup steps to run them.


3 Use On-line tools

Use on-line Generator on this website to create files which then you can copy and paste over to your local application. All the setup instruction are mentioned in each On-line tool page.

Need more help? Checkout how to use On-Line Generators & commands or ask questions on forum!

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