Controller Generator

generate your MVC actions


Generate your sample Laminas MVC Controller for given module, namespace and name. You can pass options as actions to generate a list of available actions.

On-line Generator

Setup Instructions

  1. Ensure you have module called: %module% in your application.
  2. Create a PHP file called %name%Controller.php in: [root]/module/%module%/controllers/ and paste the contents from above.
  3. Optionally, copy the contents of "Config for controller" to the [root]/module/%module%/config/


Make sure your application contains all the required plugins from "Required Laminas Components" and "Required Laminas Kit Components".
You can learn how to add missing dependencies in this video:


Param name Type Default value Description
name text NULL Sets a controller name
module text NULL Sets a module name
actions array NULL Sets controller's actions

CLI Usage

"vendor/bin/laminas.bat" mvc:controller --actions=<action1> --actions=<action2> --module=<moduleName> <name>

Example Usage

"vendor/bin/laminas.bat" mvc:controller --actions=add --actions=update --actions=delete --module=Application Users

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