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generate form object with elements


Generate your sample Laminas Form for given module and name. Pass a list of elements to populate desired fields.

On-line Generator

Setup Instructions

  1. Ensure you have module called: %module% in your application.
  2. Create a PHP file called %name%Form.php in: [root]/module/%module%/form/ and paste the contents from above.


Make sure your application contains all the required plugins from "Required Laminas Components" and "Required Laminas Kit Components".
You can learn how to add missing dependencies in this video:


Param name Type Default value Description
name text NULL Sets a form name
module text NULL Sets a module name
properties array NULL Sets form's elements

CLI Usage

"vendor/bin/laminas.bat" mvc:form --properties=<action1> --properties=<action2> --module=<moduleName> <name>

Example Usage

"vendor/bin/laminas.bat" mvc:form --properties=add --properties=update --properties=delete --module=Application Users

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